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Throw in two Kiwi Icons no...LEGENDS !!!, a bit of saffron, lots of laughter & family - & there's a recipe for one of the most amazing days in the saffron patch.   

We were so so lucky to have Jools & Lynda come visit the saffron patch during film a bit for the Topp Country show.  The remit was meeting the producers & seeing how using the land and growing had an impact on our family life.  Little did we know we would be giving away family secrets & the story of our lives!!!!!!

The kids were treated like royalty, and we laughed so much we needed weeks to recover!!!  Jools, Lynda & their wonderful team - Felicity, Michelle, Wayne, Nigel, & Lizzie - you are welcome back any time.  We had such a blast.....

These are the links to the TVone Ondemand - to see the Episode we were on (6)....but also all the other wonderful NZ producers featured. 



Topp Country.  Topp Twins Topp County

The above is is a link to the Topp Twins site....

and a Paella receipe with a touch of Terraza Saffron, love from our family & a bit of magic from the Topp Twins!!




We werdish essaye lucky enough to be visited by dish and their wonderful photographer Anneliese Hough.  Please click on the photo below to see the full photo essay.  As you can see by the photo's we had a great day, and believe these photo's are a great indicator of a typcial day at our patch during harvest.  Please enjoy, and we would love to hear your thoughts or feedback.  Please contact us here.



dish photo essay



TV Hawkes Bay

As part of the Export Hawkes Bay we took part in a TV interview outling how what and why we took part of the Export HB Mentoring Programme.  To go directly to our interview please click on Part 3. 

  HBTV Chatroom



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