Poached Pear in White Wine with Vanilla and Terraza Saffron Jus
(Recipe kindly provided by Chef Pierre Vuillumier)
6 Beurre Bosc or Taylor's Pears
½ litre White Wine or Verjus
100g Caster Sugar or Plain White Sugar
1 Vanilla Pod
½ Pinch of Terraza Saffron Threads (about 8 threads)
3 Cloves
½ Cinnamon Stick
2 Bay Leaves
Some Fresh Cream

Peel pears & leave about 2cm skin near the top.  Cut a small slice from the rounded end of each pear so that it will stand up, delicately remove the core.
Poach pears in warm stock & spices until "al dente" & leave them to soak for several hours.
Drain pears over a plate & reduce stock to a light syrup consistency.  Set aside.
Place pear on dessert plate & hold each pear by the stem, cut with a knife top to bottom in segments making sure you do not get through the pear.  Twist pear down onto the plate and slowly put pressure down to form a fan shape.
Reheat the reduction & finish with a little butter to thicken the sauce.
Pour over each pear.


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