saffron tips and recipes

So you've got your saffron, but aren't sure on how to use it… here are some tips and recipes for you to try. 

Saffron is often described as the "trinity" of spices because of its ability to impart flavour, aroma and colour. Apart from its own distinctive colour and taste it serves as a unique natural enhancer, lifting mild foods like potatoes, fish, or dairy products and enhancing stronger flavours such as tomato, almonds, or lemon.  Saffron is also high in riboflavin.

Infusion: The easiest way to make the most of your saffron, involving Liquid, Heat & Time!
Crush and soak your threads in warm water, cream, wine, fruit juice or whatever liquid you are cooking with, for at least 20 minutes.   The longer you can let this infusion infuse, the bigger the taste.  Soaking re-hydrates the threads, releasing aroma, colour and flavour.  Generally the threads & liquid are then added to the dish.  The red flecks of the saffron are an attractive addition to your dish.

Cooking Suggestions:

From Mash to Mayonnaise

  • A Saffron infusion made into ice cubes adds colour, flavour and eye appeal to your tipple.  Vodka is a great match!
  • Add threads to any soup, especially tomato or fish soups.
  • Try adding powdered saffron to pastry or pasta or bread dough.
  • Add a little saffron to scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and saffron eggs make a great brunch dish!
  • Add saffron infused in lemon juice to hollandaise or add it to oil in mayonnaise.
  • Heat a mild light oil, add saffron threads to infuse, leave to cool and use as a drizzle for fish or salads.
  • Heat milk or cream with saffron threads, use hot liquid to mash potato to create an impressive golden mash.

  recipe of the month

 Terraza Saffron Lemonade

 2 cups water
 500g sugar
 1 dessertspoon citric acid
 Juice of 8 lemons
 Rind of 3 lemons
 8-10 Terraza Saffron Threads

Boil 2 cups of water with sugar.  When dissolved add citric acid & lemon juice and stir.

When cool, add 8 -10 threads of crushed or powdered saffron, but wait until it has cooled or you will lose some of the wonderful oils it contains and dilute the flavour.

Once liquid is cold, bottle it and refrigerate for use as a cordial. Add water to desired taste (suggest 1part lemonade to 4 parts water).


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