About Terraza

The Hawke's Bay climate has long been acclaimed for its ability to produce world-class wines and fruit. With the establishment of Terraza Saffron on the terraces of the Ngaruroro river valley, Hawke's Bay reputation for producing high quality natural products has extended to the most sought-after spice on earth - Saffron.

Initially Saffron corms were purchased from New Zealand's agricultural research agency in 1995 by Ian and Rochelle Schofield - the original owners of Terraza, and the pioneers of the Hawke's Bay Saffron Industry. From the very first harvest in March of that year it was evident that this was Saffron of rare quality. The Hawke's Bay climate and soil conditions combines together to produce saffron of a quality to at least match the world's best.

We (Mark Tyro and Janice Potts) bought our first saffron corms from Ian and Rochelle in 2002, and joined the Terraza Grower Network on its inception. Planting 500 corms we were just "players", but it didn't take long for the mystical spice to take over our world. In 2007 we purchased Terraza Saffron - you know the saying, "we liked the product so much, we bought the company." Our commitment to producing world class saffron remains the No 1 driving force of Terraza Saffron.

Terraza Saffron is truly a family business. We and our children spend a lot of time talking about, and enjoying saffron over the kitchen table. And in April, when the harvest hits, saffron takes over our lives - we all live, breathe and smell of saffron!

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