about saffron

Exotic, captivating, intriguing, compelling, expensive, seductive.

Strange choices of words for a plant, but words that have been used though-out the centuries to describe this insignificant little bloom.

Saffron is the dried red stigma of the crocus sativus saffron flower.  The flowers appear in April, and are picked by hand in the morning - ideally before the flowers open up.  They must be picked and plucked (processed) the day they bloom.  The red stigmas are removed form the mauve petals and are laid on a dehydrating tray to dry.  A back breaking and labour intensive task!! It's very time consuming and understandably this contributes to the cost of this exotic spice. It can take up to 150,000 flowers to produce a kilo of the spice. Fortunately a little goes along way.

The authenticity of saffron threads is important.  The authenticity of Terraza Saffron is beyond question for one simple reason - when you buy saffron from Terraza you receive only whole Saffron filaments. In powder form Saffron often contains some of the style (the flavourless segment of the stigma) thus reducing the intensity of flavour and aroma. When purchasing Terraza Saffron you can see the stigma for yourself and so can be sure that Terraza Saffron is 100% authentic.  No need therefore, for the saffron inspectors from Nuremberg, Germany, who in the middle ages, had authority to burn or bury alive those who adulterated saffron!

How we know our saffron is good.

Results from Auckland University tests showed a superior colouring ability, (long recognised as an indicator of quality) and also three times the ability of imported saffron to impart aroma.

Due to the intensely strong flavour aroma and colour of our saffron, you only need to use it sparingly.  You only need 8-12 threads per meal - making it only a small cost for a truly unique flavour.

Terraza Saffron is always fresh - we only sell the current season's harvest.

Our network of selected growers following strict quality standards helps us to guarantee supply to our regular customers while also responding to opportunities off shore.

We love using saffron, and of course are lucky enough to keep a good supply of it in our pantry.  Of course, that's only a few grams. The king of the gods Zeus apparently lies down on a whole bed of the stuff. Oh well - we can but dream.

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